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These are the things you should read. The black and white. The Fine Print.

The tattoo price range we send out isn't guaranteed. We do our absolute best to estimate what a final cost would be based off the years of experience we have tattooing. However, rarely there are times where a piece cannot be completed in the time frame we estimated. The price quoted includes the deposit, 2 hours of drawing and prep time, along with any amount of tattooing during that session. 99% of what you see in the tattoo photos were done in a single session unless otherwise stated. Find Your Smile charges based off the session and not by the hour, the size, or your idea.

Speaking of your idea...

Your Idea

When submitting this inquiry form, you are submitting for this idea, and ONLY this idea. You cannot inquire about one idea and switch it to something else the moment you have an appointment set or the day of your appointment.

This doesn't mean you cannot change your idea! It just means you have to email us in the same thread you've started with us, and ask about switching the concept. This includes any and all changes you might have, big or small. Without us confirming the idea changes being possible, you might lose your deposit, not be able to be tattooed that day, or have to reschedule.

Speaking of rescheduling...


Life happens, and we understand that things come up to where you might need to reschedule your appointment. We allow 1 reschedule as long as long as its requested a reasonable amount of time before your appointment. With you having an appointment slot, that means we turned away a lot of other people for that spot. Which is why you have to put down a deposit and could possible lose that deposit if you are not able to show up.

Speaking of Deposits...



Deposits are non-refundable and are required for a reason. When your deposit is sent it, it holds your spot in the artist's schedule. This means that no one else can have that spot and we turn away everyone who might have wanted that appointment.


So if you were to not show up for that appointment, you also will forfeit the deposit. We use the deposit as a way to recover the loss for that day because tattoo artists are not paid by the hour, and we now have no one to fill that slot short notice.

So, if you know you aren't going to show up, please have the courtesy to give your artist a heads up as soon as you can so we can try to get another appointment into the books.


are You 18?

Find Your Smile requires all of his tattoo clients to be over the age of 18 to get tattoo. So if you lie on the inquiry form, show up for an appointment and are underaged, you will be unable to get tattooed and lose any deposits you put down.

This concludes our fine print! Feel free to ex out of this window and return to the inquiry!

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