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The First 24 Hours

  • Keep the Pad on for about 24 hours.

  • During that 24 hours, your body is pushing out plasma and the pad is absorbing it, and thats what we want!

  • If a leak happens, that is okay! Do your best to dry the area at the leak and keep it covered.

  • DO NOT REMOVE for around 24 hours.

At the end of the 24 hour period

  • I recommend jumping into a short shower to let the warm water loosen anything that has dried to the tattoo.

  • While in the shower, you'll want to wash it and clean it completely with an antibacterial hand soap. Be sure you get all the old residual stuff off! 

  • After the shower, let air dry for around 20 mins. DO NOT USE A TOWEL. Instead use a single use paper towel if you'd like to dab it dry.

  • Once dry, It is important to apply the Second Skin immediately to minimize the time that your tattoo is exposed.

Applying the Second Skin

  • To prepare the Second Skin, I recommend rounding the corners of each piece with a pair of scissors. This will help prevent it from rolling up throughout the next few days.

  • Apply just one just one strip at a time starting from the bottom of the tattoo while leaving a 1 inch border from all edges of the tattoo.

  • Start by removing the white backing of the product. BE CAREFUL, do not let the edges fold on itself because it won't unpeel! I also recommend working with just one strip at a time.

  • Once all the white backing is peeled off the back of a piece, place the sticky side down on top of the tattoo. The edges are the most important part as the goal is to complete seal the tattoo off from exposure to the air.

  • Repeat the peeling process and apply each strip starting from the bottom, overlap the pieces by about an inch, and move upward to the top of the tattoo until it is all covered. 

The Following 4 - 5 Days

  • Once the Second Skin has been applied. You're going to leave it on for another 4 - 5 days.

  • If you notice any red irritation due to the adhesive around the edges of the Second Skin, you can peel it up slightly in that area to help with the irritation, but dont remove it entirely! The irritation will go away after its removed in a few days.

  • To remove the Second Skin, I recommend jumping into a warm shower to allow the adhesive to loosen a bit. Start from an edge near the bottom and peel it backward as close against the skin as you can. If you lift it straight up and a 90 degree angle, you'll notice it pulling up on the tattoo unnecessarily and we want to avoid that the best we can. 

Once you have removed the Second Skin, you'll start a simplified version of a traditional tattoo healing method. You will wash it a few times a day with warm water and an antibacterial hand soap. After that, pat it dry with a clean disposable paper towel. You'll then apply a tiny tiny TINY amount of moisturizer to the tattoo AS NEEDED. You might have some minor flakes present that will still need to fall off over the next few days, but there is significantly less flaking that the traditional method which is why Second Skin is so effective!


Second Skin is a breathable barrier put in place to help minimize the risk of infection and healing complications by protecting your tattoo from outside elements allowing it to heal through its own natural processes. While your skin is going through the first stage of healing, your body pushes out a liquid called plasma which contains all of your bodies natural healing components. Now if your healing with traditional methods, that liquid will evaporate which will help create the typical scabbing and flaking that happens with your standard healing process. Then, when you apply moisturizer to your tattoo, you create a sticky surface that allows those outside elements to stick to which will increase the risk of complications.

This is where Second Skin comes in!


Second Skin seals around the edges of your tattoo and locks in those healing fluids rather than allowing them to evaporate which allows the tattoo stays hydrated. Second Skin also prevents common airborne elements such as bacteria, dirt, pet dander and hairs, dust, etc to reach your tattoo. Second Skin is also permeable enough to allow excess water vapor and oxygen to pass through which allows the body to maintain what it naturally needs. Because Second Skin is breathable, it also means you can wear it for multiple days at a time so it stays protected longer!


If you have any questions or concerns with your Second Skin, please ask them! I am quickest to respond via Instagram, but I am also super quick with an email as well! I want you to feel comfortable and confident with the healing process, so please don't hesitate!

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