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Hurray! We have received your deposit and you are now confirmed for your appointment. Here is some important information about your upcoming appointment!


  • This is the most important thing you can do before your appointment. AS SOON AS YOUR APPOINTMENT IS SET, it’s super important to start moisturizing tattoo area regularly. With the skin properly moisturized, it will allow for a smoother healing process for you and helps me dramatically with the application of your tattoo as well. It’s one of the most important things you can do for your appointment before hand. You will also want to try and avoid the sun, scrapes and abrasions, or bug bites the best you can! If the skin is damaged too much, then it cannot be tattooed safely and will result in a need to reschedule. 

  • Payments for the tattoo session can be taken in a few ways.

    • Taxes - New York City is tough in that I am supposed to charge sales tax on any service. However, I struggle mightily adding a full 4.5% to an already expensive process. So rather than adding the full tax amount, I will take on most of the cost so I can sleep at night, but will be adding $40 to the final price of all tattoos to help cover that cost (except when using a card).

    • Cash is always the preferred method of payment!

    • Apps - I do accept most payment apps as well! Zelle is absolutely the preferred app to send payments through as there aren't any fees to send and receive payment through. CashApp, and Venmo are also fine and don't charge any fees to my knowledge. Paypal is also an option, however, they have a pretty steep transaction fee of around 2% per $100, so we will have to add that on as well.

    • Card - Due to the crazy amount of charges that add up over the year with card processing fees, I'm forced to implement that if you need to use a physical card, then there will be the 4.5% NYC state tax, and a 2.6% for the processing fee added onto the transaction.

  • I usually will begin the drawing process for your appointment the night before or the morning of the appointment. This allows me to focus on one drawing at a time. This also ensures that you have my full attention to the piece rather than trying to draw 3 months of drawings at once. However, that's not to say you can't inquire further about any questions or further inspiration you have! I keep everything we talk about in the email thread and I reread the thread before i start the drawing. So please don't hesitate to reach out! This is a collaborative process and I have no problem at all working with you to make cool stuff happen!

  • Your aftercare will be explained at the end of your appointment in detail and is also listed on this website. But just to quickly run over the process with you, I use a combination of an absorbent pad until the morning, and then a second skin product for 4 to 5 days afterword. Then after that, all you’ll need at home is an antibacterial hand soap (liquid dial gold is excellent) and then a simple basic unscented hand lotion such as Lubriderm, Curel, Eucerine, Aquafor, etc.


  • We will more than likely be there for many hours, and I try my best to read the client and provide what's best for us to get through the session, but PLEASE if there is something that works best for you, let me know and I will not be offended at all. If you wanna just throw headphones on and zone out, thats awesome.  I also have a large TV that I usually throw movies or shows on, so time should pass pretty quickly! Whatever works best for you to get in the right headspace is what will work best for me!


  • I don’t usually take breaks for food or anything, but that doesn't mean you can't! I take at least one longer break after we are done tattooing the linework on you so I can pour out the colors, so that is about 15 mins or so, but please feel free to let me know if you’d need to eat or stand up or take a bathroom break etc. I promise it’s okay with me :)


  • Oh and sometimes, it can get cold in the studio, and sometimes the sun beats in through the windows and melts us all, so bring comfortable clothes! And also, please wear clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting some ink on and possibly ruining. I don’t try to get ink on things, but it can happen.



I’ll be tattooing out of A Private Studio in Brooklyn, New York! The address is…

Studio 109

109 N 12th Street

Suite #821
Brooklyn, NY 11249

The appointment is set to begin at 12:30pm unless otherwise discussed. However, be prepared to hang out for roughly an hour at the beginning of the appointment as we get everything sized out, set up and finalized. 

Also, I personally don’t mind if you bring a friend or two to the appointment! Just so long as its not a whole family!


BRING A STATE ISSUED PHOTO ID! I cannot tattoo you without it!

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